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MOHA BEATS – Follow our beats: Business and Activities Oct 2023
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October 2023 marks an exciting month of business activities for MOHA with breakthrough achievements and significant innovation in production and business operations.


Let’s find out in this October business newsletter.


In the pursuit of building and expanding positive collaborative relationships with potential customers, MOHA warmly welcomed delegations from Japan and South Korea. During the past month, MOHA seized the opportunity to host delegations from Japan and South Korea. These meetings facilitated a mutual understanding of each other’s strengths and capabilities, enabling MOHA and its customers and partners to share experiences in delivering software products and services to customers and partners in global markets. This served as the foundation for future collaboration and development between MOHA and its customers and partners.

moha beats company newsletter

All of the projects released in October received positive feedback from customers, and some of them decided to continue to expand contracts and entrusted MOHA with new projects.

moha beats company newsletter

MOHA’s website has undergone a significant transformation. With the desire to enhance the quality of content and the appearance of the website, providing the most friendly and excellent user experience, MOHA officially launched an upgraded version of its website,


With this new version, users can easily access important information, including:

  • A new homepage offering a quick and comprehensive overview of the company and its services
  • A dedicated blog section to share news and knowledge in the industry/field
  • A portfolio showcasing the most prominent projects with global customers
  • Streamlined contact information page for easy customer communication.


Alongside the website upgrade, it is hoped that MOHA’s image will continue to improve, appearing more polished and professional in the eyes of customers, partners, potential candidates, and other interested users. This improvement aims to broaden opportunities for future development.

MO Learns

The success of the internal English Classes

English is not a challenge anymore with the English Conversation Class at MOHA. Keeping pace with the global integration trend, MOHA has always emphasized the goal of enhancing foreign language proficiency, especially in English, for its members right from its early days. In pursuit of this objective, since January 2023, MOHA has initiated an English course specifically designed for MOHA-ers, which has received enthusiastic responses from the members. The course content primarily focuses on improving communication skills, aiming for participants to confidently communicate and work with clients in English.


After nearly a year of implementation, under the guidance of teacher Hue (our beautiful TA), the English course at MOHA has achieved significant success. The English proficiency of the participating members has noticeably improved. Currently, the course continues to be held three times a week, with each session lasting one hour, and it involves the participation of five members. For those members who aspire to enhance their English proficiency, please feel free to contact teacher Hue to enroll in the course.

english class moha software

The AWS exam preparation course concludes with outstanding success.

In line with the objective of enhancing the professional capabilities of its members, MOHA initiated the AWS exam preparation course at the beginning of August 2023, aiming for participants to achieve 5 certifications. To accomplish this goal, MOHA provided maximum support to its members by covering the entire examination fee and rewarding cash incentives to those who successfully obtained the certifications. To overcome the challenges posed by these highly regarded certifications, the participants of the AWS exam preparation course dedicated significant time and effort to study together. In addition to enrolling in online courses on Udemy, they independently developed a practice tool and engaged in mock exams using it. This practice tool, not limited to internal use, was also shared within AWS exam preparation groups and received enthusiastic responses from other candidates. Thanks to the relentless efforts of the entire class, after two months of implementation, 3 members successfully obtained AWS certifications, bringing 4 prestigious credentials to MOHA. The details of the accolades are displayed below.

moha beats company newsletter aws
moha beats company newsletter aws
moha beats company newsletter aws

This remarkable outcome reflects the dedication and hard work of the members during this period. Not content with this achievement, the second round of the AWS exam preparation course is scheduled to commence in early 2024. It is hoped that with the experience gained from the first session, the second course will achieve even greater success.

MO Plays

“Let Body Play, Let Soul Say” – More Than a Journey

On the 7th and 8th of October, MOHA Software together went on an unforgettable 2 day 1 night trip under the theme of “Let Body Play, Let Soul Say.” During this journey, the members of the MOHA family created enduring memories by engaging in joyful challenges as part of the team-building activity named “Treasure Hunt.” Following these activities, all MOHA members gathered for a warm and loving dinner, sharing interesting stories and experiences beyond the confines of the workplace.


More than just a trip, “Let Body Play, Let Soul Say” was a bonding experience that brought MOHA-ers closer together. It facilitated mutual understanding and strengthened the connections between team members, enabling them to work collaboratively towards shared goals in the future.

“Be Blooming” – Every MOHA Woman Is a Flower

Just like each flower possesses its unique beauty and significance, women have their own energy, personality, and allure. Similar to a blooming flower at its full glory, women are most beautiful and radiant when they embrace their authentic selves. This was the message conveyed by the men at MOHA during the “Be Blooming” event on Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20th). During this event, the men at MOHA brought a garden of flowers and expressed their affection through lovely and deeply heartfelt gifts. Prior to the event, MOHA men also crafted beautiful hand-made flowers to give to their female co-workers. These seemingly small gestures, profoundly emotional, left the women in awe.


In this special month, on the special occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20th), we wish all the women at MOHA a life that is always beautiful, confident, and “blooming brightly like a flourishing flower.”

moha beats company newsletter

The after-work entertainment activities at MOHA serve as a way for employees to relax and have fun after stressful deadline moments. Organizing and supporting these activities contribute significantly to enhancing productivity, fostering work inspiration, and transforming the company into a second home for everyone. This series of activities not only welcomes new members into the fold but also strengthens the bond between existing members. The after-work activities at MOHA, including horse racing, beer socials, and poker, are unique initiatives that help employees relax and connect with their colleagues, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere beyond the workplace.

MO in November

In November, MOHA Software has some exciting events lined up! The winds of autumn bring the fragrance of milkwood pine, signaling the arrival of November. This month, MOHA is set to host two highly anticipated events – MOHA Connect on November 3rd and Men’s Day on November 19th. Stay tuned for more updates and details about these engaging events in the near future!

MO Writes

We are a team of passionate innovators on a mission to drive digital transformation for businesses worldwide. With a profound commitment to our core values of Credibility, Integrity, Agility, Unity, and Passion, we strive to deliver cutting-edge solutions that propel your business to new heights of success. Join us now!

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