MOHA Software Wins SAO KHUE 2024 Award for Innovation
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Being honored in the Innovation category is evidence of MOHA’s capability and potential in providing software export services to both domestic and international markets


On April 13, 2024, at Military Theater No. 130 Ho Tung Mau, Mai Dich, Cau Giay, Hanoi, the Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services Association (VINASA) organized the announcement and award ceremony for the Sao Khue 2024 Awards. In over 20 years of formation and development, Sao Khue has not only honored outstanding products and services but also shared inspiring stories for the community and businesses. Up to now, the Sao Khue Awards have honored 1515 individuals, businesses, and outstanding information technology products, services, and solutions. Khue Awards serves as a launching pad for Vietnam’s software products and services, elevating the country’s IT brand to global prominence.

To achieve the Sao Khue Awards, businesses must undergo three rounds of evaluation by the Jury Board with strict criteria. MOHA Software excelled and was honored to be named in the “Innovation” category in 2024.

MOHA win SAO KHUE 2024
MOHA win SAO KHUE 2024 in “Innovation” category


Potential in Vietnam’s Technology Battle

As the Chairman of VINASA, Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa shares: “In the global technology development, Vietnam is the chosen country for upcoming development strategies with significant advantages in human resources and geopolitical location. Digital technology enterprises are facing enormous opportunities…”. Currently, the overall ICT market and the Information Technology Industry have witnessed positive growth in recent years and achieved significant accomplishments. In 2023, Vietnam’s ICT sector revenue continuously grew to $149.3 million and the government expects to reach $157.1 billion in 2024.

Amid opportunities and challenges, MOHA Software strides into the competitive markets of Japan, APAC, and EU, excelling in Software Outsourcing services. In these markets, MOHA is gradually building trust, customer satisfaction, and rapid development. Evidence of this is MOHA Software’s attainment of the SME100 Award in 2023, showcasing excellence and potential within a challenging market environment.

Not only providing full- life circle IT Outsourcing, MOHA Software aspires to make ours mark on the global technology map through innovative solutions. Therefore, MOHA has been developing products and services to address the difficulties and challenges facing the ICT market. Specifically:

  • FindinA: A platform supporting businesses in finding the most suitable candidates.
  • SmartTrans: A translation solution specifically for the ICT industry, supporting translation in various languages.
  • Blockchain development service to promote convenience, speed, and transparency, creating new opportunities not only for businesses but also for the community and society.

In conclusion, MOHA Software has crafted these products based on the experiences, knowledge, and above all, the market understanding accumulated through providing software export services.

Right people, right time, right quality

Established in May 2022, MOHA Software was a young and potential company in technology industry. With a skilled tech team and industry expertise, MOHA supports clients on their DX journey, ensuring satisfaction through tailored products and services. MOHA respects every customers, puts customers’ interests and desires first, considers customer satisfaction as a measure of success. We nurture professional ethics, social ethics.

This achievement marks just a stepping stone, as MOHA is positioned to further our development, striving for even greater accomplishments in the future.

MOHA Sumup 2023
MOHA Software with partners in Sumup in 2023

MOHA Software

Founded in 2022, MOHA Software is a dynamic technology company based in Vietnam. With a highly skilled and passionate team, MOHA dedicates itself to delivering high-quality, tailored-made software solutions for customers in various industries such as Blockchain, Healthcare, Logistics, Education, E-commerce, Retail, and more.

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