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MOHA BEATS – Follow our beats: Business and Activities Nov 2023
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November 2023 marks an exciting month of business activities for MOHA with breakthrough achievements and significant innovation in production and business operations.

Let’s find out in this November business newsletter.


Despite the challenges of the general economy, MOHA has maintained a steady number of projects, ensuring growth as expected. In the fourth quarter of this year, MOHA still has many opportunities to win major projects. In addition, the company’s expansion plans are also entering the initial stages of implementation, with the hope of good outcomes.

MOHA at Kanagawa Festival 2023

On November 17th, 2023, MOHA attended the Kanagawa Business Seminar, which was held as a part of the Kanagawa Festival 2023 in Hanoi.
At the seminar, MOHA had the opportunity to meet, and introduce our services and products to customers and partners from Vietnam and Japan. In particular, MOHA had the opportunity to meet directly with Mr. Kuroiwa Yuji, the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan), to discuss MOHA’s development plans in Japan in general and Kanagawa Prefecture in particular.

What’s up MOHAers?

Improve and complete the company’s general regulations

After nearly two years of operation, MOHA has always been striving to renew and improve the general regulations by gathering everyone’s opinions, incorporating technology into the regulations, in order to make it easier for all members of the company to implement.


Recently, MOHA has officially issued a new check in – check out (CICO) regulation, which specifies more specifically the time and method of (CICO), the level of disciplinary action for violations, and other related regulations. Timekeeping is now fully automated using MOHA’s self-developed system.


In November of this year, MOHA also welcomed new members in different positions to join the MOHA family. We hope that in the future, MOHA will welcome more and more talents.

R&D Team is Born with a Pioneering Mission

In order to research and apply advanced technology solutions to product development, improve the productivity and quality of the company’s services, MOHA has officially established a Research and Development (R&D) team with the participation of four young talents.


Currently, the R&D team is meeting offline regularly every week to share and discuss research and development results. It is known that despite being newly established, the R&D team has already achieved some certain results, promising to achieve many breakthrough achievements in the near future.

MO Plays

Juicy Jam – A Fruity Party for International Men’s Day

In the festive atmosphere of International Men’s Day, on November 20, 2023, MOHA Men’s hearts melted by many surprises, unique gifts, and warm affection.


With a fun fruit concept, the Juicy Jam event took the men from one surprise to another.


  • A refreshing start to the day with delicious salted coffee.
  • Sweet and thoughtful with a fruit dessert gift during the break.
  • Eat, fill, play fun games, and win great prizes at the Juicy Jam event.


With the meticulous preparations from the MOHA Women team, we hope that the MOHA men had a fun and meaningful holiday.

Enjoying food, games, conversation, and take-home gifts at MOHA Connect #2

On November 3, 2023, MOHA-ers gathered together to enjoy the moment at MOHA Connect #2 – a monthly event at MOHA. At the event, MOHA-ers had the opportunity to learn more about two new members of the M-family, as well as have a fun and bonding time with each other through the entertaining game of “telephone.”


In order to improve the quality of the program and the experience of everyone, starting in December 2023, MOHA Connect will change the time of the event to the third Thursday of every month. Accordingly, MOHA Connect #3 will be held on December 21st.


December is the last month of the year, and it is also the month of the Christmas atmosphere. MOHA Connect will bring a feast full of Christmas colors, promising to stir up the office atmosphere in the last days of the year. Let’s all wait together.

MO in December

In December – the very last month of the year, MOHA Software has some exciting events lined up! This month, MOHA is set to host a highly anticipated event – MOHA Connect No.3 on December 21st. Stay tuned for more updates and details about these engaging events in the near future!

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