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MOHA BEATS – Follow our beats: Business and Activities Dec 2023
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December 2023 marks an exciting month of business activities for MOHA with breakthrough achievements and significant innovation in production and business operations.
Let’s find out in this December business newsletter.


Kick-off big projects

The last month of the year is also an extremely hot time in the market when customers are constantly looking for service providers to start many projects in 2024. Knowing general market trends and customers’ needs, MOHA Software, believing in the quality of our services and the trust built from previous projects, successfully closed many large projects. These projects were kicked off immediately afterwards.


The projects implemented this time are all highly difficult projects, and at the same time, customers also set extremely strict requirements for quality, requiring project members to always be careful and meticulous. In particular, MOHA will participate in the project from the collect requirements stage in the role of consulting and software development, not just simple development.


Receiving trust and being entrusted with large projects by customers is a clear demonstration of MOHA Software’s daily development.


MOHA Software was recognised and honored at the SME100 2023 awards

Recently, MOHA Software won an Outstanding Growth Company in Asia 2023 – Fast-Moving Company award from SME Magazine, one of the most reputable economic magazines in Asia. This award is evidence of the strong and passionate development of a young collective that is constantly learning, growing, and maturing.


On behalf of MOHA Software, the CEO Nguyen Thanh Nam said in an interview after the event, “”In 2024, MOHA Software expects to grow twice as much as in 2023, continue to maintain its core markets, including Japan, the EU, and Asia-Pacific, and expand into high-potential markets such as South Korea and Australia. Additionally, the company will expand its workforce while developing the core capabilities of each member as it nurtures a strong and inspiring company culture.”


By striving to achieve these goals in 2024 and the years to come, the company will continue to grow and become a significant player in the IT industry in Vietnam.

MOHA Software welcomed representatives from NTT Resonant Inc. Japan and TP&P Technology Vietnam.

MOHA Software welcomed representatives from NTT Resonant Inc. Japan and TP&P Technology Vietnam. The companies had an intimate meeting and discussed cooperation opportunities to develop products in the Vietnamese and Japanese markets in the future.


The meeting took place successfully, creating conditions for companies to learn about each other’s strengths and capabilities, and at the same time, share experiences in distributing products and services in the Vietnam and Japan market.


MOHA adjusts timekeeping regulations

After a period of implementing internal timekeeping regulations, MOHA has considered and considered the appropriateness to change some regulations.


Accordingly, from December 20, 2023, MOHA-ers will only be able to use phones connected to company wifi to automatically check-in and check out instead of processing by laptop as before. At the same time, the maximum amount of remote work time has also been adjusted and remote work is only approved when there is a valid reason.


Implement Performance Review S2/2023

In order to record and evaluate work efficiency in the last 6 months of 2023, as well as determine the personal development goals of MOHA-ers in the next 6 months, MOHA recently sent a notice on the implementation Performance Review S2/2023.


Accordingly, this Performance Review period will take place from December 22, 2023 to January 26, 2024, in which members need to complete the self-assessment before January 4, 2024 before continuing the next assessment steps.

MO Plays

Christmas at MOHA Software

Joining the festive atmosphere of Christmas, recently, MOHA family also promptly put on new clothes to welcome a bright and warm Christmas season.


Along with that, the Christmas party in conjunction with MOHA Connect #3 held on December 21 brought a lot of joy and warm moments of gathering to the MOHA family. Here, MOHA-ers transformed into Secret Santas, personally preparing lovely gifts to give to each other.


This is also the last internal event of 2023, closing an exciting year at MOHA. Let’s wait for more interesting programs to be held in 2024.

MO in January

Meteor Night – The must-join event in early 2024

On January 24th, 2024, MOHA family will gather at the Year End Party 2023 – Meteor Night event.


Held at a 5 stars hotel with the theme “Universe”, this year’s YEP event promises to bring MOHA-ers a grand and colorful party. Not only is this a simple party, but also an opportunity for MOHA members to gather and connect all to look back on the “Sail to the Sea 2023” journey, honor outstanding individuals and groups, as well as kick off a potential year 2024. 


In addition, MOHA’s Got Talent contest officially returns, providing opportunities for MOHA talents to shine, promising to bring explosive and emotional stages.


Don’t forget to register to participate and wait for a brilliant and fiery “Meteor Night” on January 24.

MO Writes

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December is the last month of 2023, but there is no “last” of must-reads!

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