Application auto-generation system
Application auto-generation system
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The Challenge and Objectives

With the need to dramatically increase productivity by minimizing preparation and development time for each store or branch facility, this company needed a system that would automate the construction and launch of application according to the template that the user chooses on the home website. The system requires speed, accuracy and full functionality to help stores and branches easily operate and use.

The system automatically builds/deploy/submits the app according to the template the user has chosen on the web admin to deploy automatically to save time and operating costs.

The Solution

Use cloud systems to automatically perform the necessary operations to create an app:
– Create an app template
– Create a web admin system so users can customize the app (follow the template and upload some icons/images, customize the theme)
– The app template will be applied according to the user’s preferences
– Use AWS to store some source code and data (certificate + Apple profile, app icon/image information)
– Use Azure pipeline to perform tasks to build the app (download information, create Apple certificate+provision, build app, upload IPA to Appstoreconnect or APK to S3)

Case Study

Mobile App

Centry Copepush Jest NodeJS React Native

Mobile App

Kotlin-Java RealmDB Socket IO Swift

Mobile App

Kotlin-Java Objective-C Swift
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