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MOHA Year End Party 2023 – Meteor Night and the “Survive the wave” Journey
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On January 24, 2021, MOHA Software organized its Year End Party at FTE 5 stars Hotel in Hanoi with the participation of over 50 employees and guests, including clients and partners from Vietnam and Japan. This year’s MOHA Software Year End Party had the theme “Meteor Night,” symbolizing the tradition that if you make a wish when a meteor appears, that wish will come true. This also represents the company’s desire for a successful and brilliant 2024.


The event was attended by the leadership team of MOHA Software, including Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam – the company’s CEO, Mrs. Bui Thu Thao, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tham – MOHA Software Manager, Mr. Fujii from 4tunes Japan, Mr. Horiuchi – a loyal customer of the company, and other partners.


This marked MOHA Software’s second Year End Party in nearly two years since its establishment and development. During the program, the leadership team reviewed the proud moments of the entire company in 2023 and honored outstanding individuals and teams who achieved the highest sales and revenue during the year.


According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam – CEO of MOHA Software, 2023 was a challenging year with global economic fluctuations. As a relatively young startup with less than 2 years of establishment, MOHA faced numerous challenges. However, thanks to the trust and companionship of valued customers and partners, as well as the collective efforts of the MOHA family, the company achieved certain successes in 2023.


At the Year End Party, attendees enjoyed musical and theatrical performances by MOHA Software members, including the outstanding play “FinBD” from the Sun team, which won the first prize in the year-end program.


During the recent Year End Party 2023 – Meteor Night, MOHA successfully held the MOHA Software Awards 2023 ceremony – an annual event aimed at honoring outstanding individuals and teams for their remarkable contributions to MOHA. The winners of the prestigious MOHA Software Awards 2023 trophies were officially announced.


The prize structure for the MOHA Software Awards 2023 included 8 awards, comprising 5 annual awards and 3 voted awards:

– The Best Sales Employee Award: Ms. Vu Thi Ngoc Quynh, awarded to the top-performing sales team member.

– The Best Sales Partner Award: Ms. Tran Lien Huong, given to the outstanding sales partner.

– The Best Project Manager Award: Ms. Do Thi Ngan, recognizing the exceptional performance of a project manager in 2023.

– The Best Client Associate Award: Ms. Nguyen Thi Chang, for a non-sales team member with significant contributions in client acquisition, providing substantial value to the company.

– The Best Delivery Developer Award: Mr. Nguyen Van Duy, awarded to an outstanding developer with commendations from clients and notable contributions in 2023.


The Year End Party concluded with members, clients, and partners enjoying a complete dinner and a unique Champagne toast to kick off the new year of 2024. It is hoped that MOHA Software will continue to thrive and achieve even greater success in the future.

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