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MOHA BEATS Special – Follow our beats: Business and Activities Jan 2024
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In 2023, MOHA set the message “Voyage”, aspiring to overcome every challenge and explore opportunities to confidently move forward. And the Voyage of 2023 has officially come to an end.


In this month’s BEATS, let’s reflect on the notable milestones of 2023, look back at the memorable moments along the journey that the MOHA family has experienced together, to appreciate the fantastic achievements we have accomplished!

MOHA in 2023

As a young company established on May 5, 2022 – precisely at the time when the world was facing the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. More importantly, MOHA’s main market Japan experienced a severe economic downturn, with the JPY falling to its lowest level in 32 years.


However, it was precisely these challenges that forged a strong and united MOHA. We dared to think and act, faced challenges head-on, and never faltered in the face of difficulties. Thanks to this, MOHA has conquered every challenge, explored opportunities, and steadily moved forward.

Business Results in 2023

With relentless efforts, in the year 2023, MOHA achieved a total delivery of 224 million, reaching 90% of the target set at the beginning of 2023. Leading this effort was the Japanese market, followed by Vietnam and the Global market, respectively.


To achieve this figure, MOHA provided services to nearly 20 clients from 10 different countries, including Japan, English-speaking countries, and Vietnam, completing over 40 projects of various scales.

Business Promotion Activities

To enhance brand recognition, in 2023, MOHA successfully completed and launched a new version of the website with refined content and a more professional and user-friendly appearance.


Throughout the past year, MOHA has warmly welcomed several customer and partner delegations to visit its office. Simultaneously, MOHA has proactively organized meetings with clients and partners outside the office. These occasions are precious opportunities for MOHA and its clients and partners to learn more about each other, thereby expanding future collaboration opportunities.


Additionally, MOHA actively participated in various events to introduce its products and services to customers and partners, such as ICT Day 2023 and Kanagawa Festival 2023. Particularly at the Kanagawa Festival 2023, MOHA had the honor of meeting Mr. Kuroiwa Yuji – the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan) to discuss MOHA’s future development plans in the Japanese market.

Development & Go-to-market campaign of New Products

In addition to efforts to enhance the quality of IT outsourcing services, in 2023, MOHA also collaborated with a trusted partner to commercialize the SmartTrans product – an intelligent translation support platform that can automate and enhance translation productivity.


Furthermore, MOHA is currently in the process of developing the FindinA product – a platform that supports clients in quickly and accurately finding top-notch personnel. FindinA is expected to be a flagship product for MOHA in the future.

Awards and Certifications

Despite being a relatively young startup, MOHA has steadily demonstrated its capabilities and service quality, earning recognition at various prestigious awards.


On December 14, 2023, MOHA was honored to receive the Fast Moving Company award at the SME100 Awards 2023. This award, presented by SME Magazine – one of the leading and reputable economic magazines in Asia – recognizes outstanding businesses.


Prior to that, on August 26, 2023, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam – CEO of MOHA, was also honored at the ASEAN Top Brand 2023 awards in the category of ASEAN Top Leader.


These awards serve as a testament to MOHA’s robust and passionate development in less than two years since its establishment and growth.


In 2023, MOHA recognized the importance of human development efforts, aiming to enhance professional capabilities through the establishment and maintenance of high-quality internal training programs.


– An English training course aimed at improving English proficiency, especially communication skills, enabling members to confidently communicate and work with clients in English.

– A successful AWS certification exam preparation course resulted in 3 members obtaining certification, bringing MOHA a total of 4 professional certifications.

– Additionally, with the goal of enhancing the management team’s capabilities, two members successfully obtained PMP certifications during the past year. This increased the total number of MOHA personnel with PMP certification to 3 members.


To encourage members to learn and improve their professional skills, MOHA has developed and implemented policies related to supporting certification exam fees and rewarding MOHA-ers who achieve professional certifications. At MOHA, every effort is duly recognized.


MOHA adheres to the philosophy that ‘people are the most valuable asset of the business’ and consistently puts forth its best efforts to create a comfortable, cheerful, and dynamic working environment.


In 2023, internal activities and events were lively to take care of the mental well-being of members, providing opportunities for members to socialize, bond, and enjoy recreational activities.


MOHA Software Awards 2023

The prize structure for the MOHA Software Awards 2023 included 8 awards, comprising 5 annual awards and 3 voted awards:


– The Best Sales Employee Award: Ms. Vu Thi Ngoc Quynh, awarded to the top-performing sales team member.

– The Best Sales Partner Award: Ms. Tran Lien Huong, given to the outstanding sales partner.

– The Best Project Manager Award: Ms. Do Thi Ngan, recognizing the exceptional performance of a project manager in 2023.

– The Best Client Associate Award: Ms. Nguyen Thi Chang, for a non-sales team member with significant contributions in client acquisition, providing substantial value to the company.

– The Best Delivery Developer Award: Mr. Nguyen Van Duy, awarded to an outstanding developer with commendations from clients and notable contributions in 2023.

MOHA Year End Party 2023 – Meteor Night and the 2024 journey “Survive the wave” Journey

On January 24, 2021, MOHA Software organized its Year End Party at FTE 5 stars Hotel in Hanoi with the participation of over 50 employees and guests, including clients and partners from Vietnam and Japan. This year’s MOHA Software Year End Party had the theme “Meteor Night,” symbolizing the tradition that if you make a wish when a meteor appears, that wish will come true. This also represents the company’s desire for a successful and brilliant 2024.


The event was attended by the leadership team of MOHA Software, including Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam – the company’s CEO, Mrs. Bui Thu Thao, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tham – MOHA Software Manager, Mr. Fujii from 4tunes Japan, Mr. Horiuchi – a loyal customer of the company, and other partners.


Tet Gifts for all members

In the spirit of welcoming the Lunar New Year – the Year of the Wood Tiger in 2024, MOHA has sent Tet gifts to all MOHA-ers as a gesture of gratitude and wishes for good health to members and their families.


As the new year approaches, we wish all MOHA-ers a prosperous and auspicious year, full of joy and fulfillment.

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